Echfoil Izo  150m2   3.0 mtr x 50mtr

Echfoil Izo 150m2 3.0 mtr x 50mtr




Collections: Airtight Systems

Product type: Air Tightness

Vendor: Partel UK


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Next generation heat reflective interior foil airtight membrane. Lowest emissivity on the market reflecting up to 98%.
Significant advantages from good UV stability, durability, strength and the lowest emissivity


Metallised  PET / Polymer /Non Woven interior heat reflective airtight foil membrane. When used in an air cavity, the membrane contributes to the overall total thermal resistance of a structure by reflecting thermal radiation. Its damp proofing properties make it ideal for climate class 4 rooms such as saunas, swimming pools, kitchens, and sports facilities.

• Reflective airtight membrane
• Waterproof
• Significant improvement of thermal reistance
• Cost saving
• Humidity control