EXOPERM MONO SA 250- Self-Adhesive Monolithic Breather Membrane

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Self-Adhesive Monolithic Breather Membrane

EXOPERM MONO SA 250 is an advanced self-adherent breather membrane, based on proven Monolithic Technology. It is engineered not only to be airtight, vapour permeable and waterproof; but also to comply with Approved Document B : Fire Safety.

Its integrated self-adhesive technology, along with integrated reinforcement ensures a complete and powerful airtight connection with various rigid substrates in the most challenging applications, enabling a faster, easier, and durable membrane application; whilst its Sd Value of 0.26m, results in optimum vapour permeability and thermal stability.

Why Partel EXOPERM MONO SA 250? 

  • Self-adhesive and Monolithic Technology
  • Reaction to Fire: Class B-s1,d0*
  • Highly breathable membrane with an Sd value of 0.26m
  • Class W1 resistance to water penetration
  • Airtight System, featuring an air permeance value of <0.001m3/(m2h)
  • Optimal UV and temperature resistance
  • Resistant to driving rain and wind
  • Windtight, but diffusion open
  • Excellent ageing resistance due to the Monolithic Technology

* B-s1,d0 – when affixed to a non-combustible material; otherwise Class E applies

The product combines all the advantages of one of Partel’s most reliable exterior membranes – EXOPERM MONO 150, with complimentary benefits which help to keep your project on time and enhance the energy performance of the building for a long operational lifetime.

Technical Data

WEIGHT EN 1849-2 250 G/M²
SD-VALUE  EN ISO 12572 0.26 M
NAIL TEAR RESISTANCE MD/CD EN-13859-1 (B) / -2(B) 200/220 N
TENSILE STRENGTH MD / CD EN 13859-1 (B) / -2 (B) 270/210 N / 50 mm
UV RESISTANCE   6 months-walls
4 months-roofs
REACTION TO FIRE EN-13501-1 B-s1,d0*
AIRTIGHTNESS [50 PA] 0.01 m3/(m2h)

*B-s1,d0 – when affixed to a non-combustible material; otherwise Class E applies
*MD = longitudinal CD = transversal


EXOPERM MONO SA 250 is a self-adhering external breather membrane designed for use on the cold side of insulation on facade wall and roof applications. It has the dual purpose of providing an air barrier as well as a vapour management system.

Suitable for:

  • Offsite and onsite construction
  • Installation on timber structures, CLT elements, OBS, steel, or concrete, masonry-type substrates
  • Facades with closed joints
  • Warm, cold and hybrid roof applications
  • Pitched or flat roofs
  • All insulation types
  • Suitable for ceiling and floor timber structures, as temporary protection during the construction phase

Self-Adhesive And Monolithic Technology

  • High-performance strong acrylic adhesive ensures seamless airtight connections, no primer or adhesive tapes required
  • Monolithic Technology offers advanced moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) through diffusion, creating a completely windtight, waterproof membrane that actively expels any water/humidity


1.45M X 30M = 43.5 M²