10 Year System Warranty

Our quality is your safe

Partel’s portfolio of systems is designed for maximum safety, durable product performance integrated with easy, fast installation and time-saving installation. We test our products rigorously to ensure they meet building energy code requirements.

Not only do the Partel systems hold numerous quality certifications but we are unique in our offering and honouring of a 10 year warranty on all Partel products. This is our promise to our customers and one which offers assurance as to the superior quality and performance of our products.

We believe in systems. Our system warranty is designed to give you peace of mind where it is most important. We offer a complete and technical building protection system. Training can be arranged to assist with system design and application.

10 reasons for an airtight and windtight Building with Partel

  1. The ventilation system can work to its maximum efficiency
  2. Structural damage through incorrect layering is avoided
  3. Heating cost is reduced
  4. Draughts are avoided
  5. Mould is avoided
  6. Indoor air quality is improved
  7. Sound Insulation is improved
  8. Compliance with regulations
  9. Walls and roofs are designed to dry and breath over time
  10. Lifetime products are used - longevity is improved.

Our details, when applied correctly, will always exceed the current building regulations and achieve lower than 0.6 air changes - the passive house standard.

Auto cad and PDF drawings available on request.