CONIZO Patch Tape

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Paper-based Airtight Patch Tape With Fingerlifts

Airtight tape with fingerlifts recommended for sealing of openings in timber frame constructions and as a repair kit for vapour control layers. Perforated sections allow the tape to be torn easily into square patches by hand, saving time.

Partel CONIZO™ Patch tape is based on acrylic adhesive with extremely high resistance to moisture, for durable sealing.

Why CONIZO Patch?

  • Perforated sections allows for easy tearing
  • Perforated every 160mm – square patches
  • High-performance airtight tape
  • Fingerlifts on longitudinal sides
  • Superior aging resistance and durability due to advanced acrylic adhesive
  • Airtight connections to DIN 4108-11
  • Water repelling carrier – withstands a damp climate
  • Environmentally friendly – free of solvents and emulsifiers
  • Ecolabel Emicode EC 1 PLUS – meets the strict requirements of GEV construction


CONIZO PATCH tape is suitable for sealing openings in timber frame constructions and can be used to repair punctures and damage to airtight vapour control layers.

  • Internal use
  • Wall
  • All Partel interior membranes
  • Other vapour control layers including PE, PA, PP and aluminium
  • Airtight seal for injection holes
  • Sealing of openings in timber frame constructions


  • 160mm x 160mm (6-5/16” x 6-5/16”)
  • 2 units x 125 patches