Partel launches ‘Breathe healthy with efficient LUNOS Ventilation Technology’ campaign

Partel launches ‘Breathe healthy with efficient LUNOS Ventilation Technology’ campaign

As we emerge from the national lockdown, numerous organizations, including the US Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization, and ASHRAE, as well as the UK and Irish government, are highly advising for improved ventilation as a critical building control initiative for minimising the risk of Covid-19 transmission within schools, businesses, hospitals, homes, and public buildings.

Partel launches the “Breathe healthy with efficient LUNOS Ventilation Technology” campaign that aims to emphasize the critical importance of ventilation and ensure the quick and effective roll-out of a safer indoor environment. LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems have an outstanding international reputation for designing innovative and energy-efficient systems that deliver the highest indoor air quality, functionality, and comfort for all living spaces.

Improving indoor ventilation strategies and air quality, particularly in hospitals, businesses, educational settings, and homes, will help in a safe return to normal and will keep us safe from the spread of airborne diseases today and in the future. For this reason, it has become essential to implement an effective ventilation system, advantageously combining indoor air quality and energy performance.

The campaign highlights how ventilating indoor spaces can help minimise the risk of coronavirus infection and also suggests the most energy-efficient LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems that comply with Part F and CIBSE building regulations.

“We're gratified to have been able to assist in educating and informing people about the critical role of ventilation in the fight against COVID-19. Ventilation not only enhances human health and well-being by improving indoor air quality and reducing the impact of airborne viruses, but it also controls humidity and protects the structural integrity of buildings.” Hugh Whiriskey, Founder and Technical Director at Partel

Safer classrooms in September call for hygienic LUNOS Ventilation

Rethinking and improving ventilation is a key to Safely Reopening Schools. This strongly recommended measure provides students and school/university personnel with enhanced indoor air quality, hygienic and constant fresh air, now and for years to come. Learn more with Partel.

LUNOS Ventilation ensures a safe return to offices with improved air quality

Optimising indoor ventilation not only boosts employee productivity, but it also makes workplaces safer and healthier. Advantages of ventilation not only include limiting the transmission of the coronavirus, but also less absenteeism, reduced sick leave for other respiratory infections and even environmentally related illnesses such as allergies and sick building syndrome. Learn more with Partel

Keep your energy-efficient homes healthy and comfortable with LUNOS Controlled Ventilation

Bringing fresh air into your home is perhaps the most critical step in preventing the accumulation of COVID-19 particles in your home. Controlled Ventilation with heat recovery enhances indoor air quality, reduces the influence of airborne viruses, and improves human health and well-being. Learn more with Partel

Cleaner air in all healthcare facilities with LUNOS Ventilation Technology

As a facility dedicated to caring for those who require care while contagious, properly planned and engineered ventilation can considerably limit the spread of airborne diseases and infections, ensuring the safety of caregivers, other patients, hospital workers, and visitors. Learn more with Partel

Our in-house technical design team will help in creating a proper ventilation strategy for your project, large or small, residential or commercial, retrofit or new build. We are offering essential guidance on the positive effect that LUNOS ventilation systems have in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Our campaign provides a comprehensive approach as well as a compelling overview of the important topics, it will serve as a starting point for anyone who seeks to establish a strategy to address the inadequate IAQ that has a detrimental impact on thousands of buildings and their people. Learn more about our campaign.

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