Partel announces the new LUNOS e²60 – Ready for the requirements of the future

Partel announces the new LUNOS e²60 – Ready for the requirements of the future

Partel launched this month the newest decentralised heat recovery ventilation system, that complete now the e 2 series units. This true all-rounder is the solution for all requirements. Its unique eco-design, a very good energy-efficient class, and an extremely silent device are attributes that make it incomparable with the existing ventilation systems on the market.

Ready for the requirements of the future

After outstanding features, such as hardly audible reversing noises and an extremely quiet operating noise have made the e² series so successful, the new Lunos e²60 is also convincing in terms of volume flow and pressure stability for the same size.

One of the reasons why such a high degree of efficiency is achieved is the patented flow straightener, which ensures a particularly uniform flow through the heat exchanger. The intelligent control system makes it possible for the first time for an axial fan to achieve a constant volume flow at high back pressures. The e²60 is the first unit of its type to achieve pressure stability class S1 according to EN 13141-8, making it suitable for use in areas with high wind speeds, such as on the coast or at high altitudes.

Another great advantage is the infinitely variable adjustment of the volume flow rate up to 60 m³/h. No other comparable device can do this. The e²60 achieves energy efficiency class A+ and can be used in new buildings and renovation projects.

Many things stay the same - everything gets better

The e²60 comes - as the name suggests - from the e² series. This has the great advantage that everything around the e²60 remains the same: The familiar grids, outer hoods, inner panels and controls are used.

There is another difference: The e²60 makes it possible for the first time that the devices no longer have to be operated in pairs, but now an odd number can also be installed.

The Lunos e²60 unit is equipped with remarkable features that make it the most reliable solution for all low-energy buildings - new construction and renovation projects - and the good news is that it’s available on the IRL and UK market, online as well as in Partel store.

Partel is the exclusive supplier of Lunos in Ireland and England – the worldwide market leader in providing decentralised ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings.

Please find more information about Lunos e²60 here